Omah Lay Join Forces With Ozuna For Electrifying 'Soso' Remix


Omah Lay Join Forces With Ozuna For Electrifying 'Soso' Remix

Afrobeats' golden boy, Omah Lay achieved remarkable commercial success with his smash hit single "Soso," the song which became an instant chart-topper and garnered widespread acclaim. The track, originally featured in Omah Lay's highly acclaimed debut album "Boy Alone," captivated listeners with its infectious melodies, captivating lyrics, vulnerability, and soulful delivery.

Building on the monumental success of "Soso," Omah Lay has now embarked on an exciting musical venture by releasing a remix of the track. This strategic move aims to further amplify his global presence and connect with a diverse range of music lovers worldwide. Collaborating with the internationally renowned Puerto Rican singer, Ozuna, Omah Lay has crafted a compelling fusion of Afrobeat and Latin influences, creating a truly electrifying musical experience.

Although collaborating for the first time ever, the remix of "Soso" showcases the highly impressive chemistry between Omah Lay and Ozuna, as their distinct vocal styles seamlessly intertwine, complementing each other's strengths. This dynamic collaboration not only showcases Omah Lay's versatility as an artist but also highlights his commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing cross-cultural musical exchanges.

Bringing the remix of "Soso" to life, just like the OG version, is the exceptional production work of Tempoe, a highly skilled and innovative producer. Known for his ability to craft captivating beats and create immersive sonic landscapes, Tempoe adds his extra signature touch to the remix, enhancing its energy and elevating the overall listening experience.

With the release of the remix, Omah Lay aims to captivate audiences on a global scale, bridging the gap between different music genres and cultures. The collaboration with Ozuna is highly strategic, solidifying Omah Lay's promising future in the international music scene.

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Listen to Soso Remix here.