Olakira makes a stunning comeback; releases new singles, ‘Ileke' and 'Kisses'


Prepare to be enthralled as Olakira, the talented Nigerian artist, makes a stunning comeback with two captivating songs, Ileke and Kisses.

The musical endeavour promises an immersive experience, blending mesmerizing melodies, irresistible beats, and Olakira's musical prowess.

Leading the pack is the vibrant and feel-good track, Ileke. The remarkable single masterfully fuses Afrobeats and contemporary sounds, boasting infectious rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics. Produced by the acclaimed Simba Tagz, Ileke pays homage to the traditional African waist accessory, known as the Ileke, that has adorned and celebrated African fashion for centuries. With its Afro-infused brilliance, the song showcases Olakira's artistic genius, symbolizing elegance, confidence, and cultural pride. Accompanied by an exquisite music video, Ileke visually transports viewers into a vibrant world, capturing the beauty and allure of African culture and fashion.

Meanwhile, Kisses unveils Olakira's versatility as a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist. Produced by Olakira himself, this enchanting track delves into the depths of love and desire, revealing his ability to craft melodies that tug at the heartstrings. With its smooth vocals, rhythmic cadence, and captivating instrumentation, Kisses stands as a mesmerizing love song that will undoubtedly leave listeners longing for more.

Both singles showcase hard-hitting pop elements and log drums, reinforcing their potential to become fan favourites in clubs and on streaming platforms. Olakira's passion for music and dedication to his craft shines through his musical journey. Since his iconic breakout moment in 2020 with the chart-topping smash hit single In My Maserati, Olakira has continued to release a string of widely acclaimed singles and an EP. Notably, he made history as the first African artist to secure an endorsement deal with the legendary Italian luxury car company, Maserati.

Listen to Ileke and Kisses here.