Mystro - All The Way + Moment of Silence + One Kain Love


Mystro - All The Way + Moment of Silence + One Kain Love

I know talent when I see (or hear) one, and this guy Mystro is talent personified. At 21, he writes so well, sings so well and produces so well. Perfect way to make an entrance here on and ofcourse, the Nigerian music industry. Read more about Mystro and then listen to all 3 lovely pieces below.

"Mystro - “Segun Michael is A prolific Vocalist and a genius in the music production scene, an extra ordinary live performer induced with the ability to play just any instrument, "name it" Possesses the ability to Wow his listeners especially when caught playing the piano or performing on stage, This incredibly talented being loves writing, swimming, studying and rehearsing. He is a modern jazz oriented organist, and a pianist with a great sense of Modern Soul, R&B, Jazz and other genres of music”…

At the age of four, he started playing the talking drum which was given to him by his mum. At the age of 8, he was given an organ by his father with a teacher to take him on the rudiments of music. He fell in love with music so much that in his church, immediately after the children service he was found at the adult choir stand to check out their performance. With these, he started playing to the hymnal songs in his church at that period.

He had courses with a music tutor Moses Abdulkass and now He is inspired by the likes of Wole Oni and Cohbams Asuquo, Adele, Asa and the legendary Fela Kuti now with a touch of excellence the album debut titled "iAMystro" is empowered by a mix of soul and jazz... We call it the traditional soul genre of our time. All songs produced by Mystro."

If you're not impressed, come collect change.

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All Songs Produced by Mystro

All The Way

[audio:|titles=Mystro_All The Way.wav MASTER (2)]

Moment of Silence

[audio:|titles=Moment Of Silence master]

One Kain Love

[audio:|titles=Mystro_One Kain LOve.wav MASTER]