Some say it doesn't take long to know how good a song is.. Matter of fact, it might sometimes take just a few seconds. It seems "Chakara" by Cameroonian artist Mr Elad falls under this category.


Elad who also bears the sobriquet "Melody" as producer name began his professional career with MuMaK in the year 2012 when he featured with one of Cameroon’s most influential urban artist of the moment Jovi in “All I Have”. As a songwriter/producer his major breakthrough came when he composed and produce a song for one of Cameroon’s top female artist, Museba- Bom Bom Bom. Since then, has also produced songs for Tiana Bibish (a gospel artist in the U.S), Belgium-based Camer rapper Kosy and Denzyl Ambe’s most recent song “Nangaboko

Chakara in this context meansConfuse” in Cameroonian Pidgin. The song is an ode packaged in a typical Afro/RnB ballad genre that expresses genuine emotions to the love of one’s life. It is Elad’s first official single, and was released on Valentine’s Day 14.02.14.

It has been hard to catch Ovie's attention these days (lol) but as soon as i could make him listen to this song, he instantly replied: "Take it from me: Mr Elad has a place in Lagos"… And i'll clearly not disagree on that.

Check it out!




Mr Elad is on Twitter .