Morell - Ganga Da Garaya


Morell - Ganga Da Garaya

"Bento recordz act, Morell today week dished out a new single for his Northern fans titled "Ganga Da Garaya" which in English means Drums and Local Guitar. Morell delivers the track solely in Hausa, showing us a side of him that we are not conversant with.

“This is me in all totality. Nearly everyone who grew up with Hausa parents can relate to Ganga Da Garaya. I am glad that my people love the song, I was in Abuja over the weekend, and the acceptance was great. There’ll be more songs like this from me, this is just the beginning”.

Born Musa Akilah, Morell hails from Bornu State. A graduate of Creative Arts, the diverse act has over the years thrilled us with a blend of music he likes to call “Morell Music”. With his last single Anti Social featuring rave of the moment Olamide still enjoying massive airplay on radio and TV, Morell is here to stay.

Since his debut, Morell has made it a habit to infuse his local dialect into his music. Already a budding hit, Ganga Da Garaya shows his flexibility and versatile musical craft."


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