M.I Abaga - NotJustOk/Savage (Soke Remix) | #IM3


M.I Abaga - NotJustOk/Savage (Soke Remix) | #IM3

M.I Abaga IM3

M.I Abaga - NotJustOk/Savage (Soke Remix) | #IM3

M.I Abaga is the only rapper that can diss you thoroughly, and make you feel good at the same time. He brought out the whip, flogged us, then patted me and Mola (his N**gas) on the back afterwards; like a parent to a kid. *very deep sigh*

Needless to say, "NotJustOk/Savage" is my first-listen fave off the just-released iLLegal Music 3 mixtape. On this track, he takes a swipe at NotJustOk for his placement on our annual rap list aptly tagged #TheList. He's yet to be #1 in any of the 3 years we've been naming the best rappers. But with content like this (and #IM3 as a whole), you gotta pencil M.I down as an early favorite this year. Other rappers now have a standard to match or surpass in 2016.

The Headies (Awards) aren't left out either; M.I calls them out for not recognizing him in their "Lyricist on the Roll" category. I suspect that might also change in 2016.

Incase you're somehow wondering, yes, this song samples Burna Boy's "Soke", Rihanna's "Needed Me", and NFL player Greg Hardy.

That said, have you downloaded iLLegal Music 3? No?! You're seriously dulling! CLICK HERE jor!

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