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M.I Abaga – iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale) | LISTEN

Post by E G O, February 29th, 2016

M.I 2

M.I Abaga – iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale) | LISTEN

Chocolate City‘s President and Rap phenomenon, M.I Abaga, has finally released the highly anticipated and long awaited Illegal Music 3 (IM3) | The Finale.

According to M.I:

“At this stage in my career and life, finding the time to record another Illegal Music was purely a labor of love. I hope that Nigerian HipHop will rise and claim its place at the table on Hip-Hop’s mount Olympus.

I would like to see a lot of rappers remix and recreate the song ‘The Box‘.

The team was GPLUS, Ckay and I. And I want to appreciate them for their love in making this ‘FREE’ project. LOL.

Fortitude, T3WMF, Black Child thank you. Yoye Hayba, thanks for being the A&R on this project. Toda Kafang, you are the greatest thanks for pushing me always. CC I got you always. TMXO and Yung Kheengz thank you for your contributions.

To the fans.. I love you #LoveYours.”

M.I 1

DOWNLOAD #IM3 (Uncheck the “Download with Secured Download manager” box)

DOWNLOAD #IM3 (Link 2)

DOWNLOAD #IM3 (Link 3)

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73 responses to “M.I Abaga – iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale) | LISTEN”

  1. DonBoye says:

    Dope stuff!

  2. Timz says:

    M.I is a Legend for African Hip Hop

  3. O snap! About to dive right into this. I'll re-emerge with my thoughts.

  4. bashorunGaa says:

    FYI, the "download" link actually downloads spam/malware. This isn't NJO's fault as the same link is provided on MI's twitter description. Shame. Guess, I'll have to find 3rd party means to extract the soundcloud playlist.

  5. Someone_Special says:

    Some people comment before even listening to the songs.

  6. Singer says:

    G.O.D Flow… friendly reminder this guy ain't human.
    "even got Wiz Started"

  7. Killuh says:

    I'm glad he came for NotJustOk tho… LMAO!!!!!

  8. tya says:

    Thank you MI this is on fire

  9. 3 tracks down, I will re-emerge with my opinion. But that NotjustOk tune littt

  10. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Head of family now that's some Hov flow right there by Abaga

  11. Johnny says:


  12. Aziz says:

    this is why MI is will always remain one of the top dawgs in Nigeria's hip hop scene. If you read this MI . Thank you sir

  13. alapomerin says:

    Now.. I have alot of respect for MI… I CAN BET ON HIM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD… I MEAN THAT ! DAMN! THE GUY GOOD!!!!

    NB: CHeck Out 9ice new Jamzz #Fire

  14. AFKAO says:

    Dang… where do I start… NUMBERS, NOT JUST OK/SAVAGE, ALL FALL DOWN…
    I'll be back with my verdict after a few more replays…

  15. #iLLegal Music 3 (The Finale),best album from his camp so far.

  16. Mr p says:



  17. HaterGuy says:

    Hope you fellas at NotjustOk have heard.
    With your bullshit rapper lists and rigged competitions.
    How many niggas that wom your competitions are flourishing? Havent even heard a single off any one of them.
    Big Thank you to MI for addressing the issue.

  18. Hercules says:

    Super dope, clean rap.

  19. Any I'm done listening to all the tunes. See like he said he came to slay and you lot besta believe it. Say no more.

  20. Oma mahn MI dey burst ma brain on dis IM3 and i don't want to hear any FAKE ass naija rap artiste ranting shit cuz dis IM3 is the shii! big up to the chairman the only naija rap artiste that we know keeping it real and building Nigeria/Africa rap game. One love from #Ukraine.

  21. mixturez says:

    I have digested it. production wise there is no body on MI level in Nigeria.. Wordplay perfect. Bars for days. This is an excellent Work.

    M.I is not on anybody's Level in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. He is and will remain Africa's rapper number one.

    Jtown above others.

    POE is I see you!!.

  22. AFKAO says:

    I'm still digesting lol NUMBERS – "Our bond is not covalent"… M.I. took me back to sec school Chemistry class (first time I was introduced to that term)
    The attention to detail in this project is awesome. Good music with in-depth lyrics takes time and proper production is also time consuming. M.I. thanks

  23. Lantae says:

    MI has no rival in Nigeria and Africa…Not even d one claiming best rapper that he shut down eko hotel, shut down Malay, shut down everywhere.Oh pls..Listen and learn..But that NUMBERS…He didn’t sound African.He’s just too good both d production..I keep wondering how does he think of all this. Genius ..Enough respect to him..Chairman

  24. Peter says:

    MI is King!!! #NoContest

  25. Man 2 woman says:


  26. billz says:

    Men nobody should compare MI to any naija fucking rap this guy is hip-hop

  27. linpoepoe says:

    Poe Ate him up on that 'All fall down' record though!

  28. Deep Ear says:

    The size of the goose bumps I'm having makes me feel like I'm sick…like is it normal.
    So many quotes from this mixtape… He even gave Tay's "The Box" a whole new meaning.
    The music. The music. The music😱
    M.I is KING👑

  29. walter says:

    bosssssssss love you

  30. DEX says:

    I've digested each track fully and I'm proud to say that I am extremely satisfied with the entire mixtape. Sometime last year on this same platform, I made a comment saying that some African rappers are wayyy better than some of their U.S counterparts who most try to emulate. I still stand by what I said. M.I is definitely one of those few. Hella sad that this is the last Illegal music project, but like M.I said, he's back to schooling rappers, so y'all better ready your tuition.

  31. Penprince says:

    I am in satisfied. The mixtape is ten tracks, seriously. Ten? If he didn't wanna make it he didn't have to. Might as well have put in effort and dropped something sizeable. Like I said, ten tracks. With intros and too much damn yarns in between. Just rap bro. And he already dropped two as singles, so 8 tracks. I mean wtf. And hardly anybody worth hearing on it. Himself he didn't put in the best here. I have heard better from mi believe me. And he came out to say he's better than most us rappers. That's something u say when u bout to put in d most explosive work ever, this is scanty and not as strong as it could be. I didn't get d focus. Was he rapping, doing music? I don't know. Where did he get these beats anyway, I do agree mi is the best in Africa. But he needed to remind people of it and this didn't do it. After this he just makes all the I am d best yarns sound like whining. The kinda stuff he did on that track with ice and Joel Ortiz, if we had more of that kind fire with great beats, mixtape material beats and a bit of prolific news, maybe, but this just didn't do it for me. Who let him put the it out anyway. Taiwo didn't you hear this?

  32. Paulmirabilis says:

    When it comes to top-notch rap music, nobody comes close to this rap king in this part of the world. There are many good rappers but M.I is a complete package. Nobody(except maybe Kanye West and some other few American rappers) samples beautifully like this dude mehn. This is a masterpiece!

  33. daaney says:

    Hiphop is alive……. Thank You Mr Abaga

  34. Rubix says:

    This is pure art! I’ve waited for this day! and it has finally come, I’m on #IM3, but have not fully recovered from #IM2, I still got “Eyes” , “Ridiculous” and “Beg for it” on my playlist.

    M.I Abaga has undoubtedly risen to become a true model and music icon, not only did he produce and engineer most of these monster beats, he’s also juggled between running C’city’s music empire and come through on his musical delivery.

    I’m an upcoming rapper who did not start with the inspiration from the Jayz’s or Kanye’s, but with the inspiration from the M.I’s, JesseJagz and Ice’s. You paved the way for the new school rap and that will never be forgotten. God bless you M.I Abaga!! #Bless!!

  35. Observer says:

    I have critically listened and analyzed iLLegal Music 3 .. I can proudly say this is DOPE

    Rap wise this dude is a legend but this is not even about Rap but the creativity he puts into this work is World-class.

    In no particular order. I know of some great albums from Dec 2015 – Feb 2016

    ***The Life of Pablo***
    *** iLLegal Music 3 ***
    ***This Is Acting***
    ***A Head Full of Dreams***

    Can't wait for #LAFIAJI

  36. don t says:

    mi just dissed vector on notjustok/savage

  37. @ajalekwa says:

    The king is back and spitting fire…we at celebrate MI the rapper and CEO, this might just be the best time for choc city to evplode to the next level.

  38. soke says:

    wish he featured henchman again..(ridiculous ILM2) …

  39. movona says:

    King MI. Thank you keeping hip hop alive.

  40. myk lowry says:

    this shit is flames mehn. all my stuff on fire now bruh. this niggz too good.

  41. Skid says:

    i had to bow to greatness. MI u're d tru Chairman of HIP HOP

  42. Ibrahim Hamza says:

    Flawless… Am awed, i don't know what to say

  43. Sparks and Tingles says:

    Whose poetry is that towards the end of "Head of the Family"? Sublime! The whole project is 100/100.

  44. pee kay says:

    MI. Again. All dis rappers, una dey try but. MI pass una level.

  45. pee kay says:

    Kai mi.

  46. Delvhito says:

    This is a proof of MI's superiority in the hiphop community, bigupsbto that short black boy

  47. mtrevor says: should apologise for tarnishing the rap king's name………and next time never compare him to any of these other phoney rappers

  48. Bethlemduff says:

    My role model…… M.I…… your on, in, and with that good rap…….. good music…….. looking up to be you someday.. 👍

  49. E Kong says:

    This mixtape is fire
    Black Bill Gates, All Fall Down, Numbers, Head of the family
    Choc City with the hip hop heat this year
    I wonder what he has in store for Young Denzel
    Well done M.I.

  50. Tony Ellie says:

    Much love Chairman

  51. O.jones says:

    Inspirational, pure, ingenious… M.I is in a class of his own.
    Always blesses my ear drums and mind with great .

  52. MChamp says:

    A noteworthy and solid effort from Mr. Abaga
    looking forward to the upcoming projects from CCity

  53. Aface says:

    U’ve killed those rappers and u truly receives their condolence. MI abaga the Hiphop Vartican

  54. eniola says:

    I have a new respect for mi

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