Lady Donli - Mr Creeper


Lady Donli - Mr Creeper

"Lady Donli real name Zainab Donli, recently came into light with her introductory single "Nothing On Me".
She is a teenage artiste currently under the stables of Labyrinth Entertainment"

"The adorable and elegant LADY DONLI is back with another hit track titled "Mr. Creeper". After taking a short hiatus from music to redefine her style, she returns with a soothing, classy, mid-tempo BANTU's own Tay produced melody.

The eloquent voice while hypnotizing you into a state of peaceful lull is very reminiscent of 1980's hip hop. Giving you a nostalgic flavored tune, a petri dish of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

Mr. Creeper is a precursor to her highly anticipated forthcoming mixtape LOVE OR WAR dropping in September. This is most likely the first hit of many to come, indeed the rainbow before the storm.

P.S - Sute gives us his own little gift just at the end."

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Lady Donli Mr Creeper Art

Produced by Tay [DOWNLOAD]