Kizz Daniel gives 'Cough (Odo)' an international remix, features Becky G


In a dazzling exhibition of musical prowess, the sensational Nigerian singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel has taken his already captivating hit track, Cough (Odo), to a new realm by infusing it with an extra layer of flavor through a mesmerizing remix. Collaborating with none other than the renowned American singer-songwriter and Latin Music sensation, Becky G, Kizz Daniel has brought together two musical powerhouses to create an extraordinary fusion of Afrobeats and Latin rhythms that has left audiences in awe.

The masterful production behind this remix is a result of the combined efforts of two talented producers, Blaise Beatz and Philkeyz. Working harmoniously, they skillfully laid the backdrop for Kizz Daniel and Becky G, allowing their voices to effortlessly intertwine and create a harmonious blend of their unique styles. The result is a true production masterpiece that highlights the best of both worlds and showcases the artists' abilities to the fullest.

This captivating collaboration is one of the many Afrobeats-Latin tracks that have wowed fans. In a similar vein, the music world witnessed the remarkable union of talents between Omah Lay and Ozuna, as well as the impressive pairing of Burna Boy and J Balvin, among other such groundbreaking musical alliances. The fusion of Afrobeats and Latin Music has proved to be a captivating and exhilarating experience for listeners, transcending cultural boundaries and bringing people together through the universal language of music.

As Kizz Daniel's third offering for the year 2023, this Cough remix stands as a indication to the artist's new mission to push the boundaries of his craft and explore new creative territories internationally. Following his previous single, Shu-Peru, which garnered a mix of both praise and critical reception from fans and reviewers alike, this remix serves as a bold statement of artistic progrerssion and experimentation for the talented singer.

Listen to Cough (Odo) remix here.