Kefee - Dem Go Talk


Kefee - Dem Go Talk

The Branama and Kokoroko Queen is back!

"Nigeria’s favourite female artist, Kefee, is back with a new tune titled, ‘Dem Go Talk’. The artist who recently graduated from a film school in the U.S has wasted no time in continuing with her music career and this new track attests to that.

‘Dem Go Talk’ was produced by Teekay Witty and Kefee had this to say about the song:
"You realize that a lot of people get affected by what other people say about them. I wrote this song to encourage them not to lose sleep over what others think about them because people must talk just like we must eat breathe and laugh, it’s just a part of life. Dem go talk but no mind them!’’, she said.

Click to listen and download the song here."


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