Jeremiah Gyang - In Love With You


Jeremiah Gyang - In Love With You

Music lives in Jos!

My bold declaration has nothing to do with the emergence of the Chocolate City crew. Neither does it have any bearing on the fact that I've heard, at least, one new artiste with the WOW factor every week for the last 2 months or so. Rather, I base it on the talents of Mr. Jeremiah Gyang!

Ever since I heard the tracks, Na Ba Ka and Wakar Naijeria back in 2004, I've been a huge fan of his music. I only recently found out, through a good friend of mine, that he's working on (or has already wrapped up) a new album titled The Love Album, and In Love With You is the first single off it.

To read a detailed interview on him, you can check out Olamild.


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You can watch this extremely gifted talent as he works on this track in the studio by clicking in...