Dunsin Oyekan Ft. Kim Burrell - Na You


Dunsin Oyekan Ft. Kim Burrell - Na You

“Na You” has been sung through the lips of many, and triggered over 6 spin off versions by a number of artistes globally. “#Na You” was written from a personal experience and encounter with God. It is a shout of victory that reflects on the goodness of God. As the name implies, it is an exclamation of grace and a recognition that God indeed is the source of man’s strength. It reflects on hope, confidence in God’s love and how one’s life can be radically changed just by surrendering to the Father. It is also an expression of love , adoration and gratitude to the Creator.

“‪#‎Na You‬” came at the most trying period of my life; at a time when I didn’t know how I was going to make it through. The song came after God brought me out. Meditating on His goodness made me realize how good God has been to me. God gave me that song and reminded me that He alone is the source of my strength and the strength of my life. The song “#Na You” is about my Confidence in God and my total dependence on Him.

– King Ayo Smart


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