Ese Peters - Wetin I Go Do


Ese Peters - Wetin I Go Do

Ese Peters, a full-blown Warri boy, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His music, which has been described as Soft rock or folk/pop, is hinged on lyrics that border on three things: family, friends and faith.

Ese finished high school in 2004 and graduated from the University of Benin in 2008. Eager to get into the world, he started learning to play the guitar by himself at age twelve and could score all his favorite songs with time.

While tryin' not to get carried away, I must admit it's a thing of joy to see someone willing to do something different from what prevails in the market today. I'm a big advocate of raw talent, and this definitely falls under that category. It's a beautiful song by all standards. Listen and share your thoughts...


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