Zerrydl impresses with five-track debut EP 'Danger Zee'


Nigerian artist Zerrydl, known for his versatility as a rapper, singer and songwriter, has finally unveiled his much expected debut EP, aptly titled Danger Zee. Interestingly, the music industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the influx of exceptional talents; artists and accomplished record producers hailing from Edo State over the past few years. Among these notable names are Rema, Shallipopi, Baby Boy AV, Ozedikus, Qing Madi, Andre Vibez, Evil Beast, Tega Boi DC, and now, Zerrydl has firmly established his presence among this group.

Interestingly, Zerrydl shares a familial connection with the current sensation Shallipopi, being his younger brother. The dynamic duo collaborates on a track featured in the EP, the already-released Puff & Pass remix, showcasing their seamless synergy. As Danger Zee unfolds, it becomes apparent that Zerrydl is not merely riding on the coattails of his sibling's success but is carving out his own distinctive path in the music industry.

The EP, characterized by its diverse range of tracks, exhibits Zerrydl's exceptional talent. From the opening notes of the first track, You, to the collaborative brilliance of the Shallipopi-assisted Puff & Pass remix, and concluding with the eargasmic Pressure, listeners are immersed in a captivating listening experience. Zerrydl effortlessly demonstrates the depth and caliber of his talent with every track.

With impeccable timing aligning with the conclusion of 2023, Zerrydl positions himself as a rising force in the music scene, hinting at even greater achievements on the horizon. Danger Zee serves as a precursor to what promises to be a stellar year for the artist in 2024. Zerrydl is as an artist to watch, poised to make significant waves and contribute to the evolving narrative of African music.

Listen to Danger Zee EP here.