WurlD shines in 8-track EP 'Don't Get Used To This'


Nigerian artist, WurlD has unveiled his latest EP, Don't Get Used To This, exhibiting his ongoing metamorphosis as a singer, songwriter, and aesthetic trailblazer. In this brilliant collection, WurlD effortlessly merges the infectious rhythms of afrobeats with the sharp songwriting and soaring vocal melodies of R&B, crafting what he aptly terms Afrosoul — a contemporary sound that cements his status as a unique talent.

As the fifth installment in his impressive discography within a span of five years, following the well-received My World With U in 2022, Don't Get Used To This draws inspiration from the sonic heartbeat of WurlD's hometown, Lagos, Nigeria. Having recently returned to live there after over a decade in the US, the EP stands as a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of his roots. With no guest features, WurlD's crisp melodies and powerful hooks take center stage, notably in tracks like the tantalizing Do It and the reggaeton-infused Sare.

The EP's focus track, Shake, premiered on The Dotty Show on Apple Music, showcasing WurlD's versatility. Produced by Anne "Ketta” Telstra and Moussa, the song blends the basslines of South African amapiano, the rhythmic beats of afrobeats, and the atmospheric horn samples of deep/downtempo house, providing a lush backdrop for WurlD's earnest calls for intimacy.

WurlD elucidates the theme behind Don't Get Used To This, describing it as a love project centered on embracing the present moment. The EP encourages listeners to immerse themselves in the depth of emotions experienced in the here and now, without dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. Despite the enchanting nature of the love depicted in the music, WurlD reminds his audience that tomorrow remains uncertain. In his own words, "enjoy these sounds but don't get used to it."

This eight-track EP marks WurlD's debut under Addictive Content, a new imprint he co-founded with his brother Muktar Onifade, who serves as a fashion designer, creative director, and stylist. The label aims to spotlight the future sounds and the next generation of African talent. WurlD co-produced each track with emerging producers signed to the label, except for Location, the transportive third single, solely produced by the Nigerian veteran producer, Sarz.

Sadiq Onifade, born in Lagos, Nigeria, WurlD embarked on his career in Atlanta, making a name for himself as a songwriter for renowned artists like B.O.B., Trinidad James, Akon, and Mario. Since his breakthrough in the afrobeats scene with Show You Off in 2016, alongside Walshy Fire and Shizzy, WurlD has consistently evolved his sound, delivering a string of acclaimed releases, including the collaborative EP with Sarz, I Love Girls with Trobul in 2019.

Listen to Don't Get Used To This EP here.