Kolaboy drops much-awaited EP 'Kolapiano'


Kolanicles unfolds as Kolaboy returns, fully embracing the Igbo language, culture, and tradition as a core aspect of his brand and identity. He becomes a striking embodiment of Igbo heritage. When you see him donning the iconic red cap and holding the Odia-encrypted hand fan, there's no need for explanations; you immediately grasp the rich cultural significance he represents.

Throughout the years, he has delighted us with his melodious tunes. Yet, with his latest venture, Kolapiano, he successfully fuses his people's culture and music with the Amapiano genre, originating from South Africa. This creative fusion was made possible through the collaboration with Caution LXE and marked by the soulful introduction of "Oja" by Ojadiligbo, which catapulted this unique sound into the mainstream Nigerian music scene.

Kolaboy's lyrics and delivery convey his keen observations of society. He emphasizes the importance of mental well-being, which serves as the central theme of his Kolapiano EP – escapism. He acknowledges the challenges faced by the masses due to government shortcomings but expresses his desire to find solace and enjoyment amidst the difficulties, as heard in tracks like Kolapiano Vol. 6 (Isakaba) Remix featuring Timaya and Kolapiano Vol. 3 (Sewaa Sewaa) featuring Lawrence Obusi. These songs provide a captivating glimpse into Kolaboy's evolving sound and philosophy.

"Suffering and Smiling" is a prevailing mindset in Nigeria, reflecting the resilience of the people in the face of adversity. Kolaboy explores this theme in Kolapiano Vol. 4 (Country No Good), where he highlights the resilience and happiness-seeking spirit of the people amidst chaos.

In the viral sensation Kolapiano Vol. 2 (Isakaba) featuring Ojadiligbo, Kolaboy collaborates with a master of the Oja flute, an instrument indigenous to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Their collaboration resulted in a piece that climbed the charts on various streaming platforms, even reaching the 8th position on YouTube. Kolaboy effortlessly delivers in each track of the Kolapiano EP.

While some may overlook his contributions, Kolaboy's impact is unmistakable. He tirelessly promotes Igbo culture on the global stage, whether during his tours in Ghana or his frequent performances across Nigeria. He stands as a cultural custodian, a reminder of our roots that we should never forget.

Listen to Kolapiano EP here.