Enigma - Just Kidding


Check out Just Kidding by Enigma. It's a very unique track, I like it.

ENIGMA- if you've ever met him, you will never forget him. The young man is every bit his name. A musical paradox. One minute the irreverent profoundly lyrical rapper, the next minute the deep-cutting soulful crooner. And even then, you still haven't seen half what he is capable of.No doubt, he has words to force any man into deep introspection. This time, however, he decides to do it differently and creates a masterpiece that only requires that you sit back, relax and feel good.Just Kidding light-heartedly describes a day in the groupie-flush world of an entertainer, with risque references that gives the song a sharp street edge. With 'Just Kidding' the kid wonder, playfully glides his way to yet another glorious hit, while strongly confirming that he's here for business.

Enigma pic