CKay Delivers New Single 'Nwayi'


Continuing his musical journey with an impressive stride, CKay unveils his latest single, "Nwayi," following the release of the trending "Hallelujah," a collaboration with Blaqbonez, produced by sensational beatmaker, Magicsticks. With "Nwayi," CKay moves a step closer to his forthcoming project currently in the works.

The significance behind the title "Nwayi" lies in its representation of feminine beauty in the Igbo Language. CKay employs this name as an ode to his love interest, pouring his emotions into the track and showcasing his heartfelt admiration. Through soulful lyrics and captivating melodies, CKay expertly captures the essence of feminine allure and celebrates its enchanting power.

Co-produced by BMH and CKay himself, "Nwayi" delivers a masterful fusion of musical elements. The seamless collaboration between both record producers creates a rich and vibrant sonic landscape that perfectly complements CKay's heartfelt lyrics and velvety vocals. The result is a compelling and captivating listening experience that leaves a lasting impression.

As CKay's second official single of the year, "Nwayi" acts as a stepping stone towards his highly anticipated forthcoming project. This single serves as a glimpse into the artist's arsenal and exhibits the depth of his artistry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the rest of the year.

Listen to Nwayi here.