Boj Ignites Gbagada Express Vol. 2 With New Single 'Soak Garri' Feat. Knucks and Tay Iwar


Nigerian alternative artist, Boj is set to exhilarate the music space once again as the highly anticipated "Gbagada Express Vol. 2" LP draws closer, igniting its release with his captivating new single titled, "Soak Garri." This exciting record features the talented artists, Knucks and Tay Iwar, adding an extra layer of musical brilliance to an already dynamic track.

"Soak Garri" serves as a testament to Boj's ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating a unique and refreshing sound. Boj's lyrical prowess shines through as he delivers catchy verses filled with clever lyrics and relatable experiences.

Collaborating with Knucks and Tay Iwar further elevates the track, adding their own distinct styles and musical flavours. Knucks, known for his smooth rap delivery and witty lyricism, effortlessly complements Boj's melodic flow. Tay Iwar, on the other hand, brings his soulful vocals and introspective songwriting, creating a captivating contrast that adds depth to the overall composition.

As part of the larger project "Gbagada Express Vol. 2," "Soak Garri" serves as a glimpse of what's to come. The album will be a continuation of the prequel "Gbagada Express," taking listeners on a sonic journey will being named after Gbagada, a bustling neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria. With its diverse range of collaborations, we've learnt so far, "Gbagada Express Vol. 2" promises to be an impressive body of work.

Listen to Soak Garri here.