Alabai - Ogbanje


Alabai - Ogbanje

For those who have followed Naija music closely for over a decade, you should know the name ALABAI.

Alabai is not a new name in the music industry. His career goes as far back as 1995 when he founded the legendary hip hop band known as DEF O CLAN which consisted of ALABAI, Azadus, Buzman, CYCLONE, B.L, DAC EYE, and RABBI. The group members went their separate ways after Azadus scored a solo deal in 20o1. Since then, Alabai has graduated from the University of Calabar and has worked as an OAP on a couple of radio stations. His major solo release till date is the 2008 single "Voice of God".

Alabai's 2013 comeback single is titled "Ogbanje". It's a very melodic tune which gets you moving your body involuntarily. It's hard to place it under a specific genre. The veteran still has it in him. I love it!



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