5 exciting facts to know about Johnny Drille's wife, Rima Tahini


Following the exciting news of Johnny Drille being married for over a year to Rima Tahini, here are five exciting facts you should know about her.

Johnny Drille shocked fans with his announcement involving Rima Tahini in the early hours of today, Tuesday, July 4, 2023, in a post on his social media platform announcing the release of the music video for his new song The Best Part. Music Mogul, Don Jazzy then confirmed the marriage of the duo in his heartwarming message on social media.

The caption, accompanied by a video shared by the singer, read, I’m grateful for you all who share in my world, this part of me i’ve never shared before until now, THE VERY BEST PART. You complete me @rimouuune, thank you for loving me ♥️ ‘The Best Part’ Official Music Video, up on youtube 🫶🏾.

Questions as to who Rima Tahini is have been raised, and here are five interesting facts you should know about her,

Is Johnny Drille's wife, Rima Tahini, a Nigerian?

Johnny Drille Rima Tahini
Johnny Drille and wife Rima Tahini

Rima was born in Sierra Leone, where her mother was a native, and her father was Lebanese. Unfortunately, she was born during a period of great turmoil in the country, as the Civil War had just begun, and as such, she and her family were forced to move to another country.

Rima is multilingual

Rima Tahini, at the age of seven, could speak four different languages. This was because she lived in multiple cities and countries with her family, who became refugees as a result of the war in Sierra Leone.

An academic genius

Rima became a remarkable person after completing her schooling at the African Leadership Academy. 2012 she was awarded the Allan Gray Gold Prize for her outstanding business skills. She continued her academic career at Brandeis University, where in 2016, she received the highest honours (Suma Cum Laude) in business/economics. Before completing her undergraduate education, Rima worked in the energy industry and developed crucial professional skills. She worked in thriving places like Johannesburg, Accra, and Lagos for prestigious companies like Tata Africa Holdings, Endeavor Energy Holdings, and Symbion Powers, where she offered her talents and knowledge.

Director of Artiste and Repertoire (A&R) at Mavin Global

Johnny Drille Rima Tahini
Rima Tahini

Rima is the director of A&R for the music powerhouse Mavin Records. Over the last decade, Mavin Records has given us some of the most unforgettable classic songs and artists from all over the continent. Rima plays a crucial role in overseeing and upkeeping all the creative work from the label's artists, including music videos, live shows, and merchandise.

Senior Advisor at Kupanda Capital

In 2016, Rima became a part of Kupanda Capital and was instrumental in developing and bringing the partnership between Mavin and Kupanda to fruition. Currently, Rima also became a member of the Recording Academy's 2022 class and collaborates with some of the most prominent musical talents from Africa to date.

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