Seyi Vibez unlocks a new milestone in his career with his EP 'NAHAMciaga'


Seyi Vibez's career as a mainstream artist in the Western music market is slowly taking shape as the singer's latest EP release NAHAMciaga unlocked a career achievement for the artist on the Billboard charts.

NAHAMciaga recorded an entry on the Billboard World Albums chart making it Seyi Vibez's first project to make an appearance on the chart and also the first EP by a Nigerian artist in 2023 to record such a huge debut on the chart.

NAHAMciaga has continued to set new records for the singer as well as break new boundaries with top celebrities such as Wizkid showing their love and interest for the project.

The EP titled "Nahamciaga" is closely linked to Seyi Vibez's musical roots. The term "na ham" was popularized in his previous hit single "Chance" and served as the inspiration behind the EP's title. Seyi Vibez skillfully incorporates this colloquial phrase into each track of the EP, creating an auditory experience that connects with his audience on a deeper level. Through his music, Seyi Vibez showcases his ability to transform this catchphrase into a captivating narrative that his listeners can relate to.

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