See Hilarious Reactions To Vector's #JudasTheRat ??

Vector MI - Judas the rat #JudasTheRat

MI Vector

Vector has finally dropped his response to MI Abaga's The Viper with #JudasTheRat and reactions are all over on social media with Twitter being the HQ.

This record, released on the 11th of October is already stirring reactions as many are saying it's good but not the best. With a strong comparison ongoing on Twitter, MI's fans are saying #JudasTheRat didn't hit as hard as MI's The Viper while Vector's fans are saying it is as good as it gets and people should focus more on the truths being said in the record rather than compare.

We have spotted some reactions that'll get you rolling with laughter, some in favour of MI and some in favour of Vector.

Let's see them;

They're more hilarious response that'll help you spend your Friday night just right but do let us know which of the lyrics made you think?



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