"Run Me My Check"- Bella Alubo Calls Out Tinny Entertainment


Afropop singer, Bella Alubo is calling out former record label boss, Arokodare Timilehin, 0r  Tinny who owns Tinny Entertainment. 

Bella Alubo Tinny

According to Bella, Tinny owes her money from when she was signed under his record label and has done business poorly with her. The singer aired these grievances on the 15th of February on her Twitter page where she said;

“TFJ has over 5 million streams on Spotify alone. if i owe you money then take the figure out & run me my fucking cheque @smalltinny ‼️zero account statements, zero business ethics, zero conscience. wild how you really think there’s a world where you’ll get away with this.”

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She also went to give more details on the amount made off song, Tropicana Fruit Juice, which according to her, he's yet to pay her for. Bella also alleged that Tinny deleted her music project off Apple music while daring him to take it off Spotify as well.

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This will not be the first time Bella Alubo will be publicly flaying Tinny for their dealings together as she once claimed that due to power tussles, he vowed to frustrate her musical aspirations. Former signee Ycee, has also been quite vocal about his displeasure with the record label company. 

What do you think of Bella Alubo calling out Tinny and the reports against him?