Odumodublvck sparks online frenzy with viral clip on relationship with Wizkid


Fast-rising Nigerian rapper and hip-hop artist, Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, the known by his stage name Odumodublvck, has stirred a significant online buzz following the circulation of a viral clip detailing his interaction with global music sensation, Wizkid.

The Abuja-based rapper catapulted to online prominence as the video, capturing his time with Wizkid in a studio, gained widespread attention.

The viral clip prominently features Wizkid engaging in a moment of relaxation, characterized by heavy smoking, prompting conversations and discussions across various online platforms. However, in a subsequent development, Odumodublvck took to social media on Wednesday, December 20, to assert and proclaim his relationship with the acclaimed singer.

In a Snapchat video posted by the rapper, Odumodublvck is seen playfully warding off his brother, cautioning him not to approach too closely because he has now become Wizkid's newfound best friend. The proclamation served as a lighthearted yet significant moment, further intensifying the online dialogue surrounding the rapper's sudden rise to prominence through his association with Wizkid.

The interaction between Odumodublvck and Wizkid has not only fueled discussions about the rapper's emerging status in the music scene but has also provided a glimpse into the dynamic and influential connections within the industry. The incident underscores the power of social media in shaping the narrative around rising talents and their affiliations with established figures in the entertainment sphere.

As the online storm surrounding Odumodublvck and Wizkid continues to unfold, fans and observers eagerly anticipate further insights into the nature of their newfound relationship and its potential impact on the budding rapper's career trajectory. The intersection of rising talent and established icons remains a captivating aspect of the evolving narrative within the Nigerian music landscape.

Odumodublvck and Wizkid