Odumodublvck denies role model status, embracing lifestyle choices


Nigerian rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, popularly known as Odumodublvck, has dismissed any notion of being a role model, citing his indulgence in vices such as fornication, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Zero Conditions podcast on Sunday, December 24, the artist addressed criticisms about his lifestyle and social media persona, urging detractors to refrain from holding him up as a role model.

Odumodublvck expressed his belief in the necessity for celebrities to respond to trolls, challenging the idea that public figures must conform to a certain standard. He emphatically stated, “I’m nobody’s role model. Jesus is there. Follow Jesus."

In a straightforward admission, he laid bare aspects of his personal choices, stating, “I fornicate, I drink, I smoke. You wanna make me your role model? You must be a dummy.”

The rapper's candid remarks provide insight into his perspective on celebrity influence and societal expectations, emphasising his commitment to authenticity and rejecting the conventional role model label.