Nigerians react to controversial video of people in Shitta calling Wizkid out over his donation


A video featuring boys from Shitta, Surulere, calling out Wizkid over his recent donation to children in the area has sparked a wave of reactions on social media, showcasing a range of sentiments amongst Nigerians.

According to reports from, Wizkid visited Surulere and Makoko to distribute money in honor of his late mother.

However, in a video circulating on Instagram today, boys claiming to be from Shitta issued a warning to the singer, asking him to stay away from their area.

In the video, the boys expressed disappointment, stating that Wizkid, who has been vocal about his connection to Shitta, hasn't made a positive impact in the community.

"You will be lying that you are from Shitta, if e sure for you, come and off your cloth for here," a Medube boy said in anger.

The controversial video has ignited a discourse on social media, with users sharing contrasting views on the matter.

Some commenters expressed unwavering support for the artist, praising his generosity and commitment to making a positive impact. Others criticized the Shitta boys, suggesting that their actions were attention-seeking and questioning the sincerity of their grievances.

@iamdanekeh: "If you like don't make your own Money. you are waiting for WizKid you go old."

@officialcashflow_12: "Egbon if he sure for you use your phone do the snap you just Dey wurugbonlenu tie tibaje."

@parker_ojugo: "All this one's don smoke ogba get touch nothing una fit do Wizki.d."

@florishbaba: "Lol if them Baruwa hold these ones na them go begin beg on camera, make una ask shoki shitta how far well they need attention and love @wizkidayo show them love abeg make them rest."

The diverse range of opinions reflects the complexity of public sentiment regarding Wizkid's philanthropic gesture.

As Wizkid continues to navigate these reactions, the incident raises questions about the challenges faced by celebrities in meeting public expectations and the dynamics of philanthropy in the age of social media scrutiny.