Magixx reveals plan to release debut album in 2024


Nigerian artist Magixx revealed intriguing details about his forthcoming album, slated for an early 2024 release.

In a recent interview with Naija FM, Magixx not only shared insights into his music but also delved into his plans for personal rebranding, all while addressing rumours regarding his association with Mavins.

In the interview, Magixx opened up about his upcoming album, shedding light on its theme. He emphasised that the album would revolve around the idea that many people seem to be living their lives in a perpetual state of anticipation. Magixx explained that as a child, you'd want to grow up, and as an adult, you'd be preoccupied with chasing money and other ambitions without truly savoring life. His album promises to delve deep into this concept.

Magixx’s interview with Naija Fm

One of the prevailing rumours addressed during the interview was the speculation about Magixx's association with Mavins. He refuted the idea that he might have been removed from the record label due to his limited social media presence. Magixx explained that he's more of a "physical" person and finds it challenging to engage with social media, especially when he's deeply immersed in the creative process. This clears the air of his relationship with Mavins, reaffirming that it remains intact.

In a surprising revelation, Magixx also declared that there would be no music video for his hit single Maria. This statement comes as a shock to many fans who were eager to see a visual representation of the beloved track. However, it appears that Magixx has a unique vision for his music and chooses to focus on other aspects of his career.

Magixx's determination to release thought-provoking music and his commitment to a more authentic and personal approach to his art make him a distinctive figure in Nigeria's music scene. As fans eagerly await his upcoming album, one thing is certain - Magixx's journey is all about genuine expression and the pursuit of a more fulfilling life, both in his music and his personal brand.