Kcee and E-Money surprise 'Ojapiano' prodigy with a birthday gift


Nigerian singer Kingsley Okonkwo, popularly known as Kcee, and his brother Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-Money, have presented a remarkable birthday gift to Ojazzy, the talented young musician behind the native flute Oja in Ojapiano.

Ojazzy took to his Instagram page to share the exciting news, revealing a video featuring his brand-new Toyota car, a generous birthday gift from the duo. The clip captures his joyous test drive, expressing gratitude to Kcee and E-Money for their thoughtful gesture.

In his Instagram post, Ojazzy wrote, "My Birthday gift from @fivestarmusic_ng just speechless - Tears of joy. All thanks to OKIKE, Kcee, and his lovely brother @iam_emoney1."

The surprise gift shows the supportive camaraderie within the Five Star Music family, showcasing the generosity and appreciation for the talents within their musical circle. Fans and followers are joining in the celebration, congratulating Ojazzy on this memorable and unexpected birthday present.