J-Hope Of BTS Sets A New Record For Korean Artists On Nigeria Music Charts


J-Hope, who is a member of BTS, has set a new record on the music charts for Nigeria with his latest release 'On The Street.'

Rapper and dancer J-Hope, who is one of the seven members of the biggest boy group in the world, BTS, has set a new record on the music chart for Nigeria with his latest release, 'On The Street,' which features Grammy award-winning rapper J Cole.

J-Hope's 'On The Street' debuted on the Spotify Top Songs Nigeria (Daily) chart with over 11 thousand streams after the first day of tracking, which is the highest number of streams for any song from a Korean artist. J Hope surpassed the initial record, which was held by another member and vocalist of BTS, Jungkook, with his FIFA 2022 World Cup theme song.

'On The Street', released on Friday, 3rd of March 2023, debuted on the Spotify Global Top Songs Daily chart with over 3.2 million filtered streams at number 12.

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The song also gathered over 8 thousand streams in Nigeria alone on the second day of tracking as well. The popularity of BTS and the members with their solo projects can not be overemphasized in Nigeria as their songs have continued to appear on the main Spotify and apple music charts for Nigeria.

J-Hope 'On The Street'

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