Find Out How "Notjustok" Got Its Name On TechRoundUp's Chat With Demola Ogundele

Techroundup Demola Ogundele

Demola Ogundele, CEO, Notjustok, on TechroundUp

Yes, we know you like then name a lot and you love responding to issues that you think are not as you want them to be with the phrase that sounds like us, but this is to let you know you've been doing this all wrong because "Notjustok" is Not - "Just ok".

The latest episode of TechRoundUp features the CEO of and Mino Music, Demola Ogundele who did not just speak about the journey of Notjustok, how it went from a hobby to intentionally champion a cause for African music down to the story behind the name which we are sure you're going to love.

Watch How CEO reveals Notjustok got its name on TechroundUp


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