#EndSARS: “I’m back up...Nobody is ever going to break my spirit!” - Falz speaks


Nigerian rapper, actor, and lawyer, Falz talked about his restored energy to continue the EndSARS movement and he vowed to get justice for the victims.


Falz expressed how tough it has been for him in recent times and how excited he feels to be energized enough to continue the fight. This he expressed via a video posted on his Instagram page on the 26th of October 2020. He said:

The last few days have been rough, last few days have been tough, but I'm back up, nobody is going break my spirit, it's not possible. I'm never going to allow anybody to breaks my spirit. I'm back up, I'm gingered.

The “Bop daddy crooner further expressed his excitement about the momentum, energy, and unity of the movement to keep it going. He expressed:

I mean this was never a sprint. I think we always knew that this was a marathon and what is most exciting about this is what we have built, there's energy, there's a sense, there's a resilient spirit that we have built, there's a unity, an oneness, and everyone is together in this fight and we know that it's going to continue for a while but we are ready to keep it going.

Falz also vowed to do everything within his power to ensure that justice was served for all the lives that were lost. In his words:

It's really unfortunate that we lost a lot of soldiers. It's been a tough past two weeks. Every one that has fallen as a result of police brutality, as a result of the gruesome acts of the military that we saw last week. The least we could do is to make sure that we get justice and I swear on my life that I will do everything within my power to make sure justice is served.

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