Davido slams Dammy Krane over recent post on social media


Award-winning singer and performer Davido has responded to a post shared about him by Dammy Krane on social media.

Damm Krane in a post shared on the social media platform X, alleged that he had been the first person to use the iconic slang, 'on the beat is Davido' and he went on to state that the duo had been like D'Banj and Don Jazzy in the early days. Dammy Krane made these shocking allegations with a quote on a tweet which was shared by David himself in 2011.

Dammy Krane's words on social media read, "who brought out this tweet 😂 factually I was the first person to call David “On the Beat is Davido” when he produced “Pooner” for me in 2010 ( 13 years ago) we was like “ Dbanj & Donjazzy” 🤣"

This prompted a direct response from Davido who recently announced that he would be performing in Nigeria once again in December 2023. He called out the singer over unpaid royalties for songs he had done for him in the past. The 30 BG boss shared, "I never got paid for that also my 3 verses I’ve gifted you all your dead careeer … .. oh yea plus my royalties , we charge now so that’s about $150 k x3 a verse.. also house rent and food when when u stayed in my house in Atlanta when you were homeless .."