Cynthia Morgan Officially Apologizes To Jude Okoye


Nigerian dancehall star Cynthia Morgan is putting the past behind her as she comes out to tender official statement of apology to Jude Okoye and her former manager, Joy Tongo for the words said and emotions expressed.

In a recent statement released by the dancehall rapper via her Instagram page @therealmadrina, Cynthia Morgan stated that she was wrong just like other parties involved and she is sorry for allowing her emotions to get the best of her. She went on to apologize to Jude Okoye and her former manager, Joy Tongo, stating that "My heartfelt appreciation once again goes to Jude and Joy. It is the pain speaking, not Cynthia. Thanks for giving me the platform to grow the Cynthia Morgan brand.

Following this apology was her official introduction of the brand "THE MADRINA", a name she will now use instead of Cynthia Morgan.

Read the full Cynthia Morgan Apology statement

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