BNXN says he shaped 'Sincerely, Benson' album as a letter of emotions


Bnxn talks about his new album, Sincerely, Benson.

In his latest album release, Sincerely, Benson, Bnxn takes music enthusiasts on a profound journey of insight and emotion. He goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the album’s 15 songs to unravel their meanings and origins, providing fans with a unique behind-the-scenes experience.

He says in an interview with Apple Music, "I shaped this album as a letter, or envelope, of emotions. It's very vulnerable because I felt a lot of things and put all that into the music. I want people to be involved in my life, in some sense."

Out of the 15 tracks, Bnxn generously shares the stories behind 13, giving fans an intimate understanding of the creative process. He articulates the inspiration that fueled each composition, shedding light on the raw emotions and experiences that shaped the music. What’s more, he goes the extra mile by revealing which songs in the album feature samples from other musical works, offering a deeper layer of appreciation for the album’s intricate craftsmanship.

Best of Me and Toxic were the excluded songs in his breakdown. For Pidgin and English, he writes, “I don't play it twice. It's a very confessional piece, analysing what happened on the night I cheated.” This confession gives fans a glimpse into his own life and emotions.

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One notable highlight of his exploration is the song Regrets, featuring 2Baba. Bnxn masterfully deciphers the song’s significance, highlighting how it plays a vital role in 2Baba’s personal journey. He explains that this track serves as a platform for 2Baba to set things straight and express his emotions authentically. Bnxn’s insight showcases the deep connection between the artists and their music, emphasising the genuine artistic expressions embedded within each note and lyric.

By sharing the heart of his artistry, Bnxn brings us closer to his music, turning Sincerely, Benson's album is more than just an album; it's a glimpse into his creative soul.