'Be patient with me,' DJ Cuppy responds to fans clamouring for new music


Nigerian disc jockey and singer Florence Otedola, widely known as DJ Cuppy, has addressed her fans, urging them to exercise patience as she endeavours to perfect her musical craft before releasing new tracks.

The billionaire heiress acknowledged her promise to deliver new music this year but emphasised the importance of honing her skills first.

In a video shared via her Instagram page on Wednesday, DJ Cuppy expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from her fans and stressed the significance of divine timing, even if it doesn't align with personal expectations.

Noting that it has been almost four years since her debut album, she reiterated her commitment to delivering quality music.

"I posted something the other day which is so true. I promised my fans that I will drop music this year; it has been almost four years since my debut and only album," Cuppy stated in the video. "But, let me say it again, God’s timing is the best even if it doesn’t align with your ego. I wanna make sure I get music right. And at 30, I feel I have another proper shot, and I’ve small small energy. So, be patient with me," she added.

The DJ and singer expressed optimism about the new phase in her life, attributing it to turning 30 and feeling a renewed sense of energy. Fans eagerly await the release of DJ Cuppy's latest musical creations as she takes the necessary time to perfect her art.