'The Truth Untold (English Translation)' Lyrics by BTS


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The Truth Untold is the third track on BTS' 2018 released album, Love Yourself, and we've compiled the song's English translation lyrics for you below.

The Truth Untold (English Translation) Lyrics by BTS
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BTS - Truth Untold Lyrics

Verse 1: V
Full of loneliness
This garden bloomed
Full of thorns
I bind myself in this sand castle

Verse 2: Jungkook
What is your name
Do you have a place to go
Oh could you tell me?
I saw you hiding in this garden

Pre-Chorus: Jin
And I know
All of your warmth is real
The blue flower your hand was picking
I want to hold it but

Chorus: Jimin
It’s my fate
Don’t smile to me
Light on me
Because I can’t get closer to you
There’s no name you can call me

Post-Chorus: Jungkook
You know that I can’t
Show you me
Give you me
I can’t show you a ruined part of myself
Once again I put a mask on and go to see you
But I still want you

Verse 3: Jin
Bloomed in a garden of loneliness
A flower that resembles you
I wanted to give it to you
After I take off this foolish mask

Pre-Chorus: Jimin
But I know
I can't do that forever
I have to hide
Because I'm a monster

Chorus: V
I am afraid
I am shattered
I’m so afraid
That you will leave me again in the end
Once again I put on a mask and go to see you

Post-Chorus: Jungkook
The only thing I can do
In the garden
In this world
Is to bloom a pretty flower that resembles you
And to breathe as the me that you know
But I still want you
I still want you

Chorus: Jin
Maybe back then
A little
Just this much
If I had the courage to stand before you
Would everything be different now

Bridge: Jimin & Jungkook
I'm crying
That’s disappeared
That’s fallen
Left alone in this sandcastle
Looking at this broken mask

Outro: Jimin & Jungkook
And I still want you
But I still want you
But I still want you
And I still want you

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