The Emperor's Killz Lyrics by Ikechukwu Ft Jesse Jagz


The Emperor's Killz Lyrics by Ikechukwu Ft Jesse Jagz

Ikechukwu and Jesse Jagz Lyrics

Check out the official lyrics to 'The Emperor's Killz' by Ikechukwu featuring Jesse Jagz below.

The Emperors Killz Lyrics by Ikechukwu Ft Jesse Jagz
The Emperor Killz Cover

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Ikechukwu & Jesse Jagz - The Emperor's Killz Lyrics

I sail on the waves
my soul stays brave
I am a slave follow everything I crave
I’m tryna get deep deeper than a grave
Emperor, even though my forefathers were enslaved
We celebrating
Never waiting
My body walks around but my mind is levitating
I keep it pushing
Steady kushing
We an illusion
keep it moving
ions be fusing
now I am cruising

Attract intellect, magneto
deep in my Subconscious
Astral plane placebo
Murtala to Heathrow
JFK like a free-throw
Green thou , loud like a catholic cathedral
My slice vicious, nickname that shit Kimbo
One hitter quitter, lights out leave you in limbo
Bimbo moved to New York city so now she bimbow
And bimbo smoking that crack outta the window

Hot stories

Rhyming is peak
let ma mind speak
Sellasie stay strong even when I am weak
Diamonds I seek
free styling is sleek
Killz told me jaga real lions don’t sleep
Life’s really cheap
Christ to the sheep
Let your eyes witness our rise to the peak
Let the rhymes speak
wheels don’t squeak
Jaga dont keep
whatever killz don’t speak

I speak with my forefathers spirit thru my esophagus
Design your demise as I engrave your sarcophagus
put a squeeze on it like I’m an octopus
Optimus prime when I’m autobooting obstacles
Like Check points late nights dealing with constables
Always cruising on a mission deemed impossible
I no dey hear word like I’m missing my ossicles
Lyrical medication no need for hospitals

Set my soul on fire
Nah nah nah ooooooh
Set my soul on fire
Set my soul on fire yeaaaaa
Set my soul on fire yea yea
Naaaah oooooo oooooh

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