Dreamville & J. Cole - Adonis Interlude (The Montage) Lyrics


Dreamville & J. Cole - Adonis Interlude (The Montage) Lyrics

Dreamville & J. Cole Lyrics

The fourth track on Creed III soundtrack is Adonis Interlude by Dreamville and J Cole, read the most accurate lyrics to the Dr Dre-produced song below.

Dreamville & J Cole - Adonis Interlude (The Montage) Lyrics
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Dreamville & J. Cole - Adonis Interlude (The Montage) Lyrics

It's that time, huh

Things just ain't the same for young Jermaine
Still underrated but far from underpaid
And though some problems did fade, the hunger stayed
These stomach rumbles can humble thunder, uh
I'm still fueled by the ones that slumber
The standout amongst the one-hit wonders
So when the dust settles and the sun is under
The horizon, y'all should run the numbers, man
Uh, who the fuck want what with me?
Hardest out and I say that reluctantly
'Cause this should go without saying but y'all playing dumb
Far as thеse rappers go, I'm not fearing nonе
Cole flow is cold in any genre, with many combinations
Shoot like that boy's sponsored by Under Armour
Reach, you a goner
Arms crossed in coffin like you was from Wakanda
God's favorite, accumulated a ton of karma
As seen by me thumbing through green, I become a gardener
Pulling up in the supercharger
Me and two things like a double entendre
Nigga want beef, I'm a number nine combo
Not one designer in my ensemble
You're tuned to the realest, maybe to ever spill his
Heart until it’s drained, feel his pain, trust
Sixteen ain't enough to do it justice
Just cop The Fall Off and he'll explain
Is it the end of the chapter, happily ever after?
Bet this gon' be the year that fulfill his reign, man

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