Blackout Lyrics by Joyner Lucas Feat. Future


Joyner Lucas and Future Lyrics

"Blackout" is the official second music release from Joyner Lucas' upcoming album, NOT NOW, I'M BUSY, on this track Lucas features fellow American rapper Future, the explicit lyrics to 'Blackout' can be found below.

Blackout Lyrics by Joyner Lucas Feat Future

Joyner Lucas & Future - Blackout Lyrics

Part I

Verse: Joyner Lucas
Yeah, I can't hide my pain no more (Joyner), this shit gon' make me lash out (Lash out)
I ain't playing games no more, I really might just blackout (Blackout)
She can't feel her legs no more, I blew her fucking back out (Back out)
Run up on me, bitch, on God, I'll blow your fucking back out (Brr, back out)
Where I'm from, this shit go down, a lot of niggas crash out (Crash out)
I just seen my cousin cop some work up out the crack house (Crack house)
He ain't got nothing to lose, he might just bring the mask out (Mask out)
He gon' take your Visa too, I hope your credit card don't max out (Brr, max out)
Watch me take some bricks and soap and turn it to a bankroll (Yeah)
Used to wanna get rich like Hov, until I met Jeff Bezos (Bezos)
Billionaire invitеs, that's the shit that you can't pay for (Yeah, yeah)
Lеvelled up and made some pesos, now your bitch wanna give me besos (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, besos)
Mwah, first to do it, bitch, I'm Draco (Draco)
If you want that drama, you gon' get just what you paid for (Grrah, grrah, grrah, paid for)
'Fore I got a check, I went and bought my mom a Range Rover (Woah)
Wasn't new, but it was paid for, I said "One day, we'll be straight though" (Straight though)

Part II

Intro: Joyner Lucas & Future
One day, I'ma change everything, I swear

Verse 1: Future
Like a kilo dropped inside the pot, my niggas spinning, ayy (Spinning)
I just heard a hater just got shot, now I'm grinning, ayy (Grinning)
I just took more dope, that's just gon' keep me out my feelings (Feelings)
If I wasn't rapping, I'd be trapping, making millions (Millions)
I ain't worried 'bout nothing, I got more money than my ex (Ex, ayy)
I don't have to call, bitches pulling up off my texts (Texts, ayy)
First day, I bought her that AP, 'cause she wet (Wet, ayy)
I done spent so much money on bitches, I forget (Get, ayy)
One of one, spill, you can't find this in a store (Store, ayy)
Heard that was your wifey, I turned her to my whore (Whore)
Let me be your sponsor, you a baddie, you can get endorsed (Endorsed)
New Chanel, you know damn well it make girls get moist (Moist, super)
Whipped up in a Maybach and I came back in a Royce (Super)
I'ma pop my shit, drop a brick and I'm popping (Freebandz)
Shorty can't complain, bitch, the whole world toxic (Toxic)
She belong to the streets, bitch, go and fuck on everybody

Verse 2: Joyner Lucas
I got coke plugs, I got bass plugs, and I think I'm Pablo (Brr, think I'm Pablo)
If this rap shit never worked out, then I'd be El Chapo (Brr, be El Chapo)
Got a stash spot for the cash drops and a blacked-out Tahoe (For the blacked-out Tahoe)
Put a ten of cash in a duffel bag, shit, back to Cabo (For real)
If my phone ring and I'm busy, I'ma just straight ignore it (Okay)
If you ain't calling 'bout money, then that shit ain't important (Okay)
I used to want me a good girl, but they way too boring (Yeah, woah)
Baby, we can fuck, but you can't stay till morning (Morning)
And if I wasn't rapping, I'd be trapping, making Ms (Ms)
Twenty SUVs, you'd never know which one I'm in (Skrrt)
Travel 'cross the country, selling drugs to all your friends (Woah)
And if I lose it all, then I'd just do it all again
I still got big connects, I could hit the rec' from a bag of foam (From a bag of foam, bah, bah)
If a nigga ever fall off, then I'll be Al Capone (Be Al Capone, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Couple bad bitches in the kitchen, naked, they counting Os (Counting Os)
I got niggas crossing the border for me, who down to go? (Ayy, oh, oh, oh)
I need to know

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