10 Most Watched Tanzanian Music Videos Of 2022 On Youtube | SEE FULL LIST


The Tanzanian music Industry has enjoyed massive success in 2022, especially in the digital space where different artists accumulated millions of streams and views. Check out the top 10 list of most-watched music videos in Tanzania in 2022. 

In the Bongo Fleva music industry, 2022 was a game changer whereas different music video directors decorated the music scene with stunning Visuals meant to soothe our eyes. Marioo tapped Director Kenny to create magic in Naogopa, Director Ivan stirred up TCRA with Mtasubiri while Rayvanny spent a fortune in I Miss You. 2022 was truly a year of great visuals. 

Here are the 10 most-watched Music Videos In Tanzania In 2022 :

1.Mtasubiri - Diamond Platnumz Featuring Zuchu ( 24 Million Views) 

Tanzanian authorities banned the Mtasubiri music video from getting airplay in the media but this did not stop fans from watching the Ivan-directed music on YouTube. The Mtasubiri music video was shot in Kisarawe and stands to be the most-watched Tanzanian Music Video in 2022 on YouTube. 


2. Mi Amor - Marioo Featuring Jovial (21 Million Views) 

The world doesn't know how Quick Rocca ended up being a model in the Mi Amor music video, but we both know that Mi Amor was a smash hit that even America's Rolling Stone recognized in their Top 40 songs from Africa in 2022. 

Mi Amor

3. Kwikwi - Zuchu (18 Million views) 

The dance video for Kwikwi, truly made us happy in 2022 and you will love everything in the video from its minimalistic concept, vibratory dance moves and Zuchu's colourful outfits. The video reminds us of Justin Bieber's Sorry


4. Naogopa - Marioo Featuring Harmonize - (17 Million Views) 

Naogopa's storyline resonated with most hustlers who are extremely frightened of getting cheated by their partners and thanks to Director Kenny, the video truly reflected the message and the whole vibe of the song. 


5. I Miss You - Rayvanny Featuring Zuchu (16 Million Views) 

From the train station scene to the part where Rayvanny decides to burn down a house, it is fair to say that everything about the I Miss You music video feels expensive and high-priced. This was the most-watched music video by Rayvanny in 2022. 

I Miss You

6. Utu - Ali Kiba (15 Million views) 

Utu was written by Vanillah, and performed by Ali Kiba, to create stunning visuals, the Kings Music CEO decided to join forces with Director Ivan to fabricate what seems to be Ali Kiba's biggest music video to date. The video was shot around Mount Kilimanjaro and when the video dropped, the media started to speculate that Ali Kiba and Nana Dollz were an item. 


7. Mwambieni - Zuchu (14 Million views) 

To create the music video for Mwambieni, Zuchu decided to go old school and feature Tanzania's well-known comedian, Jay Mondi who, in the video became Zuchu's annoying Ex. Mwambieni was directed by Hanscana who once again proved that he is the Godfather. 


8. Oka - Diamond Platnumz Featuring Mbosso ( 13 Million Views) 

Oka was shot around Makumbusho Village in Dar Es Salaam and marked the third time Diamond Platnumz worked with Hanscana after Nasema Nawe and Naanzaje. The video sees Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso become Chinese martial arts dancers, gracing the video with intimate and provocative dance moves. 


9. Sugar - Jay Melody ( 11 Million Views) 

Everything about Jay Melody's Sugar feels natural and authentic whereas, in the 3 minutes and 26 seconds, video Jay Melody takes us on a short tour around beautiful places and despite featuring only two characters from start to finish, the video is still vibrant enough and fun to watch. 


10. Fire - Zuchu (10 Million Views) 

Unlike Jaro, In the Fire video, Zuchu showed us her confidence, her bad girl alters ego and brushy dance moves. The video was directed by Justin Campos in South Africa.