Top 10 Music Executives In Tanzania In 2023


As one of the leading and most significant music industries in Africa, Tanzania is truly blessed with incredible singers. But behind these musicians, there are people who are always pulling the strings and making things work. In this article, we will explore the top 10 music executives in Tanzania in 2023: 

For the past 10 years, Tanzanian music has been finding its way to the global market. Tanzanian music is currently flooding Kenyan radio stations, artists like Jay Melody are racking up massive numbers on digital platforms while acts like Diamond Platnumz are selling out venues everywhere in Africa.

These things are not happening by chance. Behind these artists are people with smart minds who light up the Bongo Fleva music industry with their brilliant promotional strategies, exceptional negotiation skills, and international connections. 

Top Executives

From music managers to well established journalists, In this article, we will celebrate these people as we unveil the top 10 music executives in Tanzania for the year, 2023. 

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Sallam SK 

Is the man behind Tanzania’s music powerhouse WCB Wasafi, working closely with Mkubwa Fella and Babu Tale.

He is the man who orchestrates the success of the renowned artist Diamond Platnumz and as a music executive he also handles the intricate web of WCB's business dealings, including lucrative endorsement deals.

Sallam Sk One of the finest music executives in Tanzania

In 2023 so far, Sallam SK’s leading artist, Diamond Platnumz, has achieved a lot. On Boomplay, he has already amassed more than 300 Million streams, while on Youtube, Diamond Platnumz has solidified his position as the most subscribed African artist on the platform with more than 7 Million subscribers. 

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Apart from being an executive at WCB Wasafi, Sallam SK is also the owner of Mjini FM radio station and Dizzim Online. 

Natasha Stambuli 

Natasha is the head of Boomplay operations in Tanzania and stands to be one of the most influential music executives in the country and the only Tanzanian executive to be enrolled as a member of the prestigious Recording Academy.

Leading a team of more than eight individuals, Natasha Stambuli is the brain that has propelled Boomplay to become the most popular music app in Tanzania in terms of users, thanks to her daring tactics and never heard before media campaigns. 

Natasha Boomplay

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Natasha’s prowess in partnership building is unmatched, as she has so far forged alliances with influential brands such as Tigo, Halotel, and Tanzania's flagship radio station, Clouds FM in her efforts to elevate the app's reach. 

Seven Mosha 

Seven Mosha is known for many things, and one of them is her extraordinary talent for reviving and reigniting the careers of artists who, at some point, faded or took a break from music. 

Seven Mosha

Her magic touch was evident in the resurgences of Ali Kiba in 2014, Lady Jaydee in 2016 and Aslay in 2022 breathing new life into their musical journeys earning herself the title of “Queen Of Comebacks”.

In the Tanzanian music industry, Mosha will always be respected for her daring tactics of taking Bongo Fleva music to the international music market.

In early 2023, Sony Music Africa announced that it had appointed Christine Mosha “to lead Marketing and Artiste Development in the East African region.”

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As the CEO of Rockstar Africa, Seven Mosha now manages different Tanzanian heavyweights such as Young Lunya, Aslay, Abigail Chams, and Ommy Dimpoz. 

Mx Carter 

As a photographer, businessman, and TV producer, Mx Carter effortlessly wears many hats in the Tanzanian music industry.

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As the CEO of Slide Digital, the leading music distribution company in Tanzania, Mx Carter without a doubt deserves an award for taking the Tanzanian music space to a digital haven. In his career, Mx Carter has nurtured and raised talents of various artists such as Abigail Chams, Kusah, Micky Singer and many others.

Mx Carter  A Music Executive In Tanzania

With special expertise in YouTube and other DSPs, Mx Carter has propelled Slide Digital to great heights, representing top-tier artists such as Kusah, Christina Shusho, Billnass, Shilole, Mwana FA, Fid Q and many more. 

Dorice Mziray 

Dorice Mziray, the mastermind behind the success of one of Sub-Saharan Africa's most beloved female artists, Zuchu, is a force to be reckoned with.

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With a background in accounting, Dorice brings a unique blend of financial expertise and managerial finesse to her role as Zuchu’s music manager and therefore stands to be one of the top music executives in Tanzania.

Dorice Mziray

Under Mziray’s guidance, Zuchu has soared to new heights, including an MTV EMA nomination, a performance at the famous Simba Day and being the most subscribed female artist in Sub-Saharan Africa on Youtube. 

Hermy B 

Hermy B, the legendary producer and record label owner, is a household name in the Tanzanian media and music scene.

His influence spans far and wide, and there is hardly a Bongo Fleva artist who is not familiar with his remarkable work and it is for this reason that BASATA gave him the honour to present the Best Collaboration Category at the prestigious 2023 Tanzania Music Awards.

Hermy B

A few years back, Hermy B made waves by introducing the immensely talented Vanessa Mdee to the Bongo Fleva scene under his renowned label, B Hits Records. 

With the recent transformation of B Hits into Bxtra, Hermy B continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, managing a roster of exceptional artists such as Seneta Kilaka, Jaivah, Cherry and more.  


Choppa has made Konde Music Worldwide a respectable brand that any upcoming artist wishes to sign with. He is the artist manager of Harmonize and he is also closely tied to Ibraah, who is the KMW signee. 


While many managers usually try to keep lowkey and “official” on social media, Choppa usually takes a different route, as he is always active on his Instagram account, pushing the releases of his artists and showing the world his personal sphere. 

D Fighter

D Fighter is simply the master of talent cultivation, possessing the unique superpower of guiding aspiring artists to greatness.

D Figher Music Executive Tanzania

Currently serving as the manager of one of Tanzania's top female singers, Phina, D Fighter’s expertise has made the singer perform at the 2023 Soundcity MVP Awards, go on tour in the Fiesta Festival and win big at the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards. 

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D Fighter's remarkable talent and dedication to his craft were recognised at the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards, where he earned the prestigious title of Best Manager.

Yassin Ng’itu 

Yassin Ng’itu, a talented journalist and event coordinator, possesses a unique power in the music industry — the ability to orchestrate major press conferences for artists.

Currently working at Bongo 5, one of Tanzania's renowned entertainment blogs, Yassin's behind-the-scenes contributions are instrumental in bringing artists' stories to the forefront.

His behind the scenes efforts have been recognized by Zambia's Zikomo Awards and he is currently a nominee at the prestigious Digital Awards competing against big names such as Millard Ayo and Fredrick Bundala.

Yassin Ng'itu Blogger At Bongo 5

Yassin has more than 10 years exprience in the Tanzanian media and music industry and he may not be widely recognized by the masses, the journalist enjoys significant popularity among music managers and is known for his connections in the Tanzanian online media community. 

Aidan Charlie 

Aidan, a vital presence at Kings Music Records, wears many hats at one of Tanzania's prominent music labels.He accompanies Ali Kiba on tours, ensuring smooth operations and seamless performances. 

Aidan Charlie

Moreover, Aidan plays a pivotal role in shaping the careers of Vanillah and Tommy Flavour, nurturing their talents and guiding them towards the rough roads and bustling city of Bongo Fleva.