The 10 Most Watched Tanzanian Music Videos of 2023 on YouTube


In the Tanzanian music game, music videos are a crucial piece of the puzzle, and that's why many A-List artists don't hold back when it comes to spending millions to create some top-notch visuals. These are the most-watched Tanzanian music videos in 2023.

2023 was the year of blockbusters as Diamond Platnumz joined forces with Ivan to drop the cinematic blockbuster that is Yatapita; Harmonize etched his name in history with the help of Director Kenny for the chart-topper Single Again, while Ali Kiba had nothing much to say rather than wander the beach in the visuals for Mahaba

These videos garnered immense fan acclaim, making it fitting for us to count down the ten most-watched Tanzanian music videos released in 2023: 

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10. My Baby - Diamond Platnumz Ft Chike (16 Million Views) 

In crafting this masterpiece, Diamond Platnumz extended an invitation to Nigeria's Chike, bringing him to Tanzania for the creation of one of the standout music videos of the year.

The video which showcased Diamond Platnumz and Chike singing and performing in front of Mlimani City, one of Tanzania's leading shopping malls has so far amassed 16 Million views on YouTube.

9. Shuu - Diamond Platnumz Ft Chley Nkosi (16 Million Views) 

If you're a dancing enthusiast, the music video for Shuu was an absolute visual delight with its spot-on choreography. Diamond Platnumz went all out, shutting down the Warehouse Bar and Arena to film this masterpiece, which has already clocked in over 16 million views on YouTube.

8. Utaniua - Zuchu (16 Million Views) 

In the past few years, catching Diamond Platnumz in a music video that isn't his own has been quite a rarity. However, breaking that trend, in May 2023, he graced Zuchu's Utaniua music video, a captivating love story that has already racked up a whopping 16 million views on YouTube.

 The video portrays Diamond and Zuchu eloping from Zuchu's strict family, a narrative so compelling it could easily be the plot for a full-length film.

7. Nitasema - Jay Melody ( 20 Million Views) 

Through the Nitasema music video which has an impressive 20 million views on YouTube, Jay Melody emphatically stated that he doesn't rely on a major record label to achieve massive numbers. The video, skillfully directed by Kelly Film, immediately grabbed the attention of music enthusiasts, earning a nod from AFRIMMA. The video secured a nomination in the Best Music Video category at the 2023 AFRIMMA Awards.

6. Achii - Diamond Platnumz Ft Koffi Olomide ( 21 Million Views) 

In contrast to its counterpart, Waah, Achii dropped with a bit less hype and promo, but don't let that fool you – the music video has been making waves since day one, hitting a whopping 21 million views in just four months.

Director Folex worked his magic, crafting budget-friendly yet incredibly creative sets that decorated this blockbuster music video.

5. Mahaba - Ali Kiba (22 Million Views) 

In the Mahaba music video, Ali Kiba didn't have much on his plate except wandering along the beach and performing on what appeared to be a deserted island.

Despite its minimalistic approach, the video quickly became a fan favorite, pulling in an impressive 22 million views on YouTube. 

4. Single Again - Harmonize (26 Million Views) 

Harmonize made a wise move by calling on Director Kenny to craft the visuals for his biggest single since leaving WCB Wasafi, Single Again. The cinematography, choice of locations, and the buzz Harmonize generated around the video's release contributed to its impressive tally of 26 million views in 2023.

3. Zuwena - Diamond Platnumz (28 Million Views)

Diamond Platnumz had to travel far away from  Dar Es Salaam, exploring the interior parts of Tanzania to shoot the music video for Zuwena. The efforts were not in vain, as the Ivan-directed masterpiece quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and other social media platforms upon its release. 

With a whopping 28 million views on YouTube, Zuwena stands as one of the rare Tanzanian music videos in recent times where the video vixen (Zuwena Platnumz) gained fame and celebrity status as a result of the video's widespread popularity.

2. Yatapita - Diamond Platnumz ( 44 Million Views ) 

Switching gears from being a cowboy in Gidi, a lover boy in Mtasubiri, and a Chinese dance master in Oka, Diamond Platnumz took a different route in Yatapita, his first music video of 2023. Here, he embraced the role of a man grappling with financial challenges to meet the needs of his fiancée. The video resonated well upon its release, and it's no surprise that it has already clocked an impressive 44 million views on YouTube. 

  1. Enjoy - Jux Ft Diamond Platnumz ( 53 Million Views)

Jux had a fantastic 2023, and there's no denying that with 53 million views on the Google-owned platform, YouTube, Enjoy takes the crown as the most-watched Tanzanian music video in 2023. The buzz and promotion surrounding this project were off the charts, solidifying its status as one of the standout productions of 2023.