Top 9 celebrities with betting and online casino sponsorships


What happens when you bring two successful entities together? The possibilities are endless, and the global reach and revenue are lucrative.

The two successful entities we are alluding to are celebrities and the online casino and sports betting industry. 

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing markets globally, and the latest figures value the industry at over $63 billion at the end of 2022. A rising trend in the industry has seen a plethora of celebrities from all forms associating themselves and their brands with successful licensed casino and sports betting brands. 

With the emergence of $5 deposit casinos, the industry becomes even more accessible, catering to newcomers and cautious players looking for an affordable entry point. The merging of star power and gaming expertise creates a winning formula that captivates audiences worldwide.

As the iGaming landscape evolves in 2023, these collaborations ensure celebrities attract new audiences to online casino and betting platforms. Below we discuss nine of the biggest collaborations between celebrities and betting platforms.

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Cristiano Ronaldo – The Poker Star

Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7, is considered one of the greatest ever footballers, right up there with Lionel Messi. CR7 is much more than just a footballer; he’s a megastar and an influencer, and by 2023, his social reach has transcended the online industry. For example, he has the most followers on the Instagram platform at over 550 million. Collaborating with CR7 is the aim of many brands, and in 2015, Poker Stars announced CR7 as one of their global ambassadors. Through this collaboration, the online poker community has transformed, and millions of new players and CR7 fanatics have started playing the game and have signed up at Poker Stars.  

Paris Hilton – Glamour and Online Gaming

Paris Hilton is many things, and one is controversial, but make no mistake, she has been a great success in the online casino industry. Paris Hilton loves playing Blackjack and has been the face of various online casino brand advertisements throughout the years. Through this advertising, Paris Hilton has attracted many female players to online casinos. The female demographic of online casino players has been boosted partly thanks to Paris Hilton’s fan base.

Mike Tyson – From Boxing to Betting

In 2019 Parimatch, the sports house betting operator announced Mike Tyson as a spokesperson for their CIS region. Mike Tyson has had a successful boxing career and has continued that success with his transition to endorsement deals. The impact of the Parimatch and Mike Tyson collaboration was easy to witness, as the former boxing great brought in new players and starred in many Parimatch advertisements.

Nicki Minaj – Rap Royalty in iGaming

Nicki Minaj is a mega superstar, rap royalty, and a multi-award-winning artist. However, besides the fame and glamour of the music industry, Nick Minaj is also a savvy businesswoman. In 2022, Nicki Minaj partnered with MaximBet, a sports betting, and online casino operator, to serve as a global ambassador, special advisor, and investor in the company. Nicki Minaj is also involved in the iGaming operations and is a creative director for Maxim magazine. Her influence and global reach have brought a unique flair to the iGaming sector.

Conor McGregor – The Fighting Spirit in Gambling

2019 also saw Parimatch collaborate with fiery UFC and former World Champion Conor McGregor. The 2-year agreement saw Conor McGregor appear in various marketing campaigns for the operator and showcase his fiery personality and charisma. The collaboration provided Parimatch with massive brand exposure at the UFC Moscow event. Parimatch and Conor McGregor shared the same goals and values, and the collaboration was a massive success, as Parimatch’s position in the iGaming market was elevated.

Neymar – Football Superstar Embraces Poker

Not at the level of CR7, but Neymar is another football superstar with a large Brazilian following. In 2015, Poker Stars announced Neymar as a global ambassador. The success of their partnership saw both parties agree to new terms in 2020, and Neymar was announced as a cultural ambassador. Neymar influence on the platform was enhanced with his new deal, which saw him get involved with the creative aspect of special projects at Poker Stars. Neymar has a love for playing Poker and, through his collaboration with Poker Stars, attracted both poker enthusiasts and football fans to Poker Stars.

Jose Mourinho – The Legendary Football Manager’s Partnership

Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest football managers, having won numerous titles across Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain. The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ starred in global juggernaut Paddy Power’s Daily jackpot advertisement in 2019. The mini advert, or film, followed a day in Jose Mourinho’s life when he got special treatment and showed him feeding his dog, trimming his hedges, and winning the Paddy Poker Daily Jackpot. Besides being a brilliant football manager, Jose Mourinho has charisma, wit, and humour, and this was showcased throughout the mini advert. Remarkably, the man wrote some of his own lines in the highly successful advertisement.

Drake – A Rapper’s High-Stakes Involvement

Drake is a renowned megastar, and in 2022, he was officially announced in a partnership with online Crypto casino and sports betting site Stake. Drake has a long-running interest in gambling and loves placing bets. By 2023, it’s estimated that Drake has wagered over $1 billion in sports bets on Stake. Drake has enhanced the Stake platform and created a unique gaming experience, as he often appeared on various Stake streams and advertisements. There is a controversial theory that follows Drake and sports betting, and whenever Drake is pictured with any athlete or team, they go on to lose their next match. Whether accurate or not, what’s certain is that Drake has brought new players to Stake and has boosted the brand image of this popular online Crypto betting platform.

Jamie Foxx – The King of Sportsbooks

In 2020, BetMGM and Jamie Foxx collaborated to create the successful ‘The King of Sportsbooks’ campaign. Jamie Foxx is the face of the campaign and starred in various advertisements promoting betting at BetMGM. Jamie Foxx is an award-winning artist and performer, and his versatility and influence elevated the BetMGM brand. Through the ‘The King of Sportsbooks’ campaign, the new player percentages at BetMGM went through the roof, and several Jamie Foxx bonus offers were available to sports betting players.

To Summarize

Celebrity endorsements have proved to be a tremendous success in the gambling industry. Celebrities have managed to bridge the gap between the entertainment and gaming worlds. Online casinos and sportsbooks have brought in new clientele they normally would never associate with. The future potential of these celebrity endorsements is lucrative and endless, and more celebrities can score big with betting and online casino sponsorships. For these partnerships and collaborations to be successful, the betting platforms must be fully licensed and regulated. Through proper planning and research, future celebrity endorsements can be as successful as the nine we have covered in our article.

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