Chivido 2024: 11 Major highlights from Davido and Chioma's wedding


The wedding of Nigerian music superstar, Davido, and his beautiful bride Chioma, was a grand celebration that captivated the nation and beyond.

Held in Lagos, the lavish traditional ceremony showcased the couple’s deep love and commitment, blending cultural richness with modern elegance. The event was marked by numerous touching and memorable moments that have since gone viral on social media, sparking widespread admiration and conversation.

From heartfelt family blessings to grand gestures of love and respect, here are the seven major highlights that defined the wedding of Davido and Chioma.

1. Chioma’s heartwarming palm wine presentation

Firstly, Chioma Avril Rowland, the stunning wife of David Adedeji Adeleke, captivated social media with a touching moment from their wedding. In videos making waves online, Chioma is seen gracefully walking around the venue in search of her husband. Upon finding him, she respectfully kneels and offers him palm wine, a traditional gesture that Davido receives with gratitude, taking a sip. Also, this beautiful moment has garnered significant attention and praise from social media users who have flooded the comment sections with their admiration.

2. Emotional blessings from Chioma’s father

Again, the emotional atmosphere was heightened when Chioma’s father blessed the couple’s union. A video capturing this moment shows Davido overcome with emotion, weeping and teary-eyed as he receives the blessings. This heartfelt scene has deeply touched many, who took to social media to share their thoughts and sentiments. Also, the emotional exchange between Davido and Chioma’s father has become one of the most talked-about moments of the wedding.

3. Davido’s touching outfit tribute to his late mother

However, in a stylish switch during the wedding, Davido changed from a dark red agbada to a traditional Edo attire, paying tribute to his late mother, who was from Edo State. His personal logistics manager, Israel DMW, assisted him in donning the dazzling outfit. This gesture has been widely praised as a heartfelt tribute, honoring his mother’s memory on his special day. Many saw this as a loving act that added a profound layer of sentiment to the celebration.

4. Grand car gifts from GAC

Consequently, adding to the splendor of the event, international car company GAC gifted the couple two brand new cars. A viral video showed a family Caravan, an M8 GAC worth over N75 million, and an SUV, a GAC GS8 worth approximately N150 million, being driven into the event hall. Both cars, 2024 models, symbolize the lavishness and grandeur of the wedding, further emphasizing the couple's celebrity status and the high-profile nature of their nuptials.

5. Royal blessings from the Ooni of Ife

Notwithstanding, the presence of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan, was a significant highlight of the wedding. In a video, Davido is seen prostrating before the Yoruba monarch, receiving blessings. The singer’s respectful gesture towards the king, including a high five and a hug, has been lauded as a display of humility and cultural respect. This interaction added a regal touch to the ceremony, marking it as a notable moment in the wedding festivities.

6. Davido’s struggle with Igbo language

Subsequently, Davido’s marriage to Chioma, an Igbo woman, brought some light-hearted moments as well. In a trending video, Nigerian media personality, Noble Igwe is seen asking Davido some basic questions in Igbo. Despite his best efforts, Davido struggled to understand and respond, which led to some humorous and endearing moments. Also, this playful interaction highlighted the cultural blend and mutual respect within their union, drawing smiles and laughter from onlookers and social media users alike.

7. Davido’s promise to Chioma’s parents

Furthermore, Davido made a heartfelt promise to Chioma’s parents, assuring them of their daughter’s well-being. He expressed his commitment by prostrating before them and declaring, "I have only two words, lifetime assurance. I promise you that your daughter will be protected, respected and connected. Mummy, Daddy I love you. Everybody knows that I'm happy for this day and this is the happiest day of my life." This moment, emphasizing his dedication and love for Chioma, has melted hearts and highlighted the deep emotional bonds formed during the wedding.

8. Surprise Car Gift for Chioma

Additionally, in a memorable and touching moment, Davido surprised Chioma with a brand new car on their wedding day. The video showed Davido guiding Chioma to see the gift, leading to her joyous and emotional reaction. Also, this act of love and generosity was widely praised by fans, who admired Davido's effort to make the day special for his bride.

9. Chioma handed over to Davido

A highly emotional moment was captured when Chioma was officially handed over to Davido by her parents. Davido was seen on all fours, receiving prayers and blessings from Chioma's parents. This traditional handover was a deeply symbolic and emotional part of the ceremony, symbolizing the union of two families and the beginning of a new chapter for the couple.

10. King Sunny Ade's performance

Meanwhile, the wedding featured a performance by veteran Afrojuju singer, King Sunny Ade, who serenaded the crowd with his timeless vocals. Highlights of his performance included a dance battle with Davido and special renditions dedicated to Chioma and her family. So, King Sunny Ade’s presence added a layer of cultural richness and musical excellence to the celebration.

11. Lavish traditional ceremony in Lagos

Lastly, Davido and Chioma’s decision to have a traditional wedding in Lagos has been the center of attention since it was announced. Despite the event being strictly by invitation, it attracted numerous important dignitaries and celebrities. Also, the couple reaffirmed their love in a grand traditional ceremony, blending cultural richness with modern elegance. This significant event has kept the couple trending on social media, with fans and followers eagerly sharing and commenting on every detail.

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