Davido calls 450 million watch ’Chicken Change’ at wedding


Nigerian music superstar Davido pulled out all the luxury for his wedding ceremony, and this includes his luxury wristwatch.

The Blow My Mind hitmaker sported a timepiece estimated to cost a staggering $300,000 (approximately N450,000,000).

While the specific brand of the watch haven't been confirmed, its hefty price has sent social media into frenzy. Fans are buzzing about the extravagant accessory. With some even jokingly calling it "chicken change", a play on Davido's own words. According to the video, he downplayed the cost by saying it was mere "chicken change."

This isn't the first time Davido has made headlines for his love of luxury items. The singer is known for his lavish lifestyle and isn't shy about flaunting his expensive possessions.

However, this particular display of wealth coincides with a joyous occasion in his life. So this is a celebratory moment for his fans as well.