Celebrities react to Davido and Chioma's pre-wedding photos, plans


The upcoming wedding of Davido, and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland, has become a heated topic on social media, with various reactions from fans and critics alike.

Basically, the traditional wedding, scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2024, has raised eyebrows, with some questioning the choice of a weekday for such a significant event.

Although, a trending video revealed that the couple deliberately chose a Tuesday, suggesting that the wedding is intended for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) rather than regular workers. "Davido and Chioma’s wedding is not for workers but for CEOs, that’s why it’s holding on Tuesday," the man in the video stated, advising people to follow the event on social media if they are not invited.

Furthermore, Controversy also surrounded the pre-wedding photos released by Davido, where he was seen dressed in Yoruba attire, while Chioma, an Igbo woman, wore traditional Igbo clothing. Popular media personality, Ossai Ovie Success criticized this choice, calling it a disrespect to Igbo culture. "Davido disrespected the Igbo Culture with his Yoruba dressing while getting married to an Igbo Girl. This is an error because, as a man, when you are getting married to a woman, it’s paramount you respect her culture by dressing in her culture," Ossai stated on his Facebook page.

Despite the criticism, Ossai expressed his happiness for the couple and acknowledged the importance of respecting cultural heritage, especially on special occasions like weddings. Also, he confirmed his attendance at the wedding, showcasing the importance of cultural unity.

Additionally, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) added to the buzz by congratulating Davido and referring to him as the "incoming senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria" in a tweet. This statement sparked further discussions and excitement among fans.

Meanwhile, Reality TV star, Uriel Oputa showed her support for Chioma, chastising those mocking her. Uriel praised Chioma's peaceful nature and maturity, expressing her genuine happiness for the bride-to-be. She warned against attempting to buy tickets for the wedding from unknown sources, humorously advising that those who do might end up with a Chivita drink instead.

Consequently, Renowned businessman and socialite, Cubana Chief Priest also praised Davido for his loyalty to Chioma, highlighting the pride Davido has brought to Imo state by marrying Chioma. "My Inlaw @davido Oga Adiri Gi Na Mma. You Have Made My IMO Proud By Not Letting Our Daughter Down," Cubana Chief Priest wrote, expressing his joy and support for the couple.

However, not all reactions were positive. Popular influencer, Ruth faced backlash for her comments about Davido's previous infidelities. Ruth had earlier reacted to the news about the price of Chioma’s engagement ring, worth the equivalent of three Rolls Royce vehicles, by criticizing Davido's past behavior. While in her latest post, she shared a pre-wedding photo of the couple with a prayer that Davido remains faithful to Chioma, which drew heavy criticism from the singer's fans.

Media personality, Do2dtun issued a warning to musicians planning to release new music this week, advising them to wait until after the wedding celebrations. He predicted that the public's attention would be focused on the wedding, reducing the visibility of any new releases.

Nonetheless, Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus set aside past differences to congratulate the couple on Instagram. Despite a fallout over a YouTube documentary about Davido’s late son, Eniola expressed her best wishes for the couple’s future.

Additionally, Reality star, Queen Mercy Oyekanmi shared a video celebrating Chioma, highlighting her private and genuine nature. She praised Davido for his love and dedication to Chioma, encouraging fans to respect their relationship.

However, in a cryptic post, Nigerian artist, Wizkid seemingly took a jab at Chioma, praying for "every understanding woman on earth." His comments sparked mixed reactions from fans, adding another layer to the social media frenzy surrounding the wedding.

Lastly, the pre-wedding photos and the upcoming wedding have certainly created a buzz on social media, with fans and critics alike sharing their views on the couple’s choices and the cultural implications. As the wedding day approaches, all eyes will be on Davido and Chioma, with many eager to see how the celebration unfolds.

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