VIDEO: Munachi - Love



Urban Afro Gospel music sensation Munachi hits with the 3rd single, "Love" off the "No Lele" album. It is the first track off the album and The love song dedicated to God puts the essence of our very existence into perspective as Munachi juxtaposes what man covets with what man truly needs.

Munachi is known never to be conventional in his approach. You will almost mistake the new video for a mainstream stereotype, but the imagery portrayed is to counter man's covetousness where immoralities, love for titles, love for money and idolization are concerned as Munachi points our hearts towards God.

"Money no fit pay the price for my soul, sisi (woman) no fit love me to die for me," Munachi reiterates.

Munachi's "No Lele" album dropped in the earlier part of 2020 and so far, he has released three videos off the album for the tracks "Jupa," which dropped before the album release, "My Trumpet" and most recently "Love." It is marketed and distributed by P-Myk Productions. No. 47, Ubakason Plaza, behind Obazi Plaza, Alaba International Market, Lagos – 07087932889.

Watch the video for "LOVE" by Munachivideo below:

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