Will Betting on WWE Ever Become a Reality?


Will Betting on WWE Ever Become a Reality?

Its no surprise that World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the most popular sports in the United States. There are also millions of fans across the world who tune in to WWE events every week. 

If you search the sports channel listings, you will find WWE is available to watch as a sport in many countries yet it never features at online bookmakers. If you were to look online you would see plenty of UFC betting odds and apps but nothing for WWE. Why is that and will betting on WWE ever become a reality?

No Betting Odds for WWE 

A quick look down the list of sports available at the top online sportsbooks shows a wide range of different sports from around the world. From MMA and darts to lacrosse and eSports, there are many sports on which betting is accepted in the United States but WWE is not one of them. 

The reason WWE matches are currently not available at online betting websites is because the matches are scripted. Yes, there are plenty of individual moments within matches that may be impromptu but the overall course of the matches and the result has been decided beforehand. For most people reading this information, it comes as nothing new and while the younger generation will believe the outcome of the match to be decided as it takes place, we know that is not the case. 

However, that does not take away from the athleticism of the people involved in WWE and the strength, endurance, and balance of each individual is incredible. Nonetheless, the fact all the matches are scripted means we have never seen betting odds for WWE matches.

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Secret Scripts

One way for WWE betting to become a reality would be to keep the scripts locked away until as close to the time of the match as possible. That means only the writers of the script will know what is going to happen ahead of the match and the performers and production crew would be informed at the last possible moment. 

The scripts could be locked away in a safe that is guarded by security and would mean no one would have access until a verified member of the WWE company collects the script and gives it to the performers. Betting on awards such as the Oscars is accepted and that is a scripted event but it is once per year, whereas WWE events are at least once or twice a week, which makes it more difficult to monitor.

Trust in the Performer

By using a secret script, the performers would have a smaller window of time to plan exactly what they want to do in the match based on the information in the script. However, they would each need to have time to plan what is going to happen in the match and learn the script before entering the ring. That means there is still enough time for any of the performers to pass on the information from the script to a family member or friend who could bet on the outcome of the match and win a lot of money. 

That is not to say anyone in the WWE would do that but the fact it remains a possibility means betting on WWE would not be possible. One way to avoid this problem would be to close the WWE betting markets ahead of the script release to the wrestlers. That would prevent any information that did get leaked from being of use for betting purposes.

Which States Could Host WWE Betting?

Reports suggest WWE have already registered in Indiana and if WWE betting were to become a reality, Indiana could be the first state to host WWE betting. Colorado and Michigan are also possibilities but Colorado have already stated they are not keen on the idea of WWE betting. 

WWE is targeting the states that have been looser than others when it comes to accepting gambling but it appears to be a hard sell. There is also the amount of interest to consider and if WWE does not prove to be popular for betting, it will mean a lot of effort for little reward. 

WWE betting could become a reality but it is never going to become big business like American football, basketball, and soccer.