US Soccer agrees multi-year partnership with Sportradar


US Soccer has announced the signing of a multi-year partnership with leading sports technology firm Sportradar. The deal will help the governing body of soccer in the US to reach a wider audience across the globe.

This new partnership marks an important milestone for US Soccer as the organization has an official betting partner for the first time. The deal also represents some positive news for US Soccer at a time when it’s still dealing with disputes with the men’s and women’s US soccer teams, even though some progress has been made. The organization is also dealing with financial woes, so the partnership with Sportradar is a welcome relief.

Sportradar is the foremost sports technology company in the world, and it will bring its expertise to the partnership with US Soccer. The company will have exclusive rights to collect, license, and distribute data concerning betting and media from soccer games. It will also hold exclusive distribution rights for the streaming of US soccer tournament content.  

In addition, US Soccer and Sportradar will work together to generate technological solutions that will take betting forward. The companies will also introduce in-play betting options and sport-signature bets into the US soccer landscape.

Eric Conrad, Sportradar Executive VP, Strategic Partnerships & Content, has spoken of his confidence in the success of the new partnership. He stated that the leadership, technology, and scale of the Sportradar organization will help US Soccer bring the US men’s and women’s game to a larger audience, both domestically and internationally.

US Soccer has been equally positive when discussing the deal. Ross Moses, US Soccer VP, Business Ventures, has said that a partnership with such a forward-thinking technology firm as Sportradar gives the organization an opportunity to engage with the youthful nature of US soccer in terms of players and fans. He also believes the technology involved will help US Soccer to understand and embrace a competitive market that is quickly evolving.

The deal is in place for 100 matches per year. This figure covers matches in both the men’s and women’s games. During these matches, US Soccer will also use bet monitoring services provided by Sportradar.

The new partnership is exciting for soccer in the US, but it’s not the first time that a company from the gambling industry has created a partnership in the sports arena. The Stake brand is a good example of this. The respected casino and sports betting company is well-known for being one of the best sweepstake casino brands in the US. It’s also known for several sports-related sponsorship deals, including partnerships with Everton in the English Premier League, the UFC, and Argentine footballer Sergio Agüero.

Like Stake, Sportradar is not new to sports-related partnerships. The company signed up as an official betting partner to CONMEBOL before hooking up with US Soccer. However, this does not reduce its commitment to making the latest deal work and helping US Soccer to reach a wider audience for men’s and women’s soccer in the US.